[DNS] Generic Domain Names

[DNS] Generic Domain Names

From: <David_Wise§fhp.com.au>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 12:52:24 +1000
As I see it, many people are assuming that  a business with a domain name like "www.books.com.au"  would have an unfair advantage over any other business.
In my view this is simply not true because:

1.  The success of an online business depends on many factors, only one of which is the domain name (ask any Internet business consultant).   "Branding" is perhaps the most important factor for success.   Generic names do not make good brands.

2. There are many other good domain names available apart from www.book.com.au.    For example:   book.com.au,  onlinebooks.com.au,   ebooks.com.au,  ibooks.com.au, cyberbooks.com.au,  goodbooks.com.au,  greatbooks.com.au,   bestbooks.com.au,  topbooks.com.au,  [nameofbookshop].com.au,   reading.com.au,  textbooks.com.au, paperbacks.com.au, novels.com.au, etc etc.    Not to mention all of the different words for "books" in Macquarie's thesaurus, and all of their derivatives.   Not to mention all
of the different TLDs that are available.   You are only limited by your imagination.

3.  Users are not terminally stupid.    Current average levels of Internet knowledge are low, but  in time Internet users will become more sophisticated in their Internet habits and any advantage gained by the owner of www.books.com.au from users "stumbling"  onto their site will wane.

David Wise
Freehill Hollingdale & Page

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