RE: [DNS] Austalian Business

RE: [DNS] Austalian Business

From: <David_Wise§>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 10:08:31 +1000
>>I wish to register as my registered company name is jsmith and
>>company consulting - I cannot do this as the jsmith ARBN actually belongs to
>>jsmith, a small concreting company with no internet thoughts at this point
>>in time.  I have to end up registering - not the preferred
>>option from a marketing/brand name perspective.
>> may never be registered.

I am not sure that this is correct.   If your registered company name is  "jsmith and company consulting pty limited", and you trade under that name, then you should be able to register if it is available, regardless of who owns a similar business name.

(ARBN's are numbers given to foreign companies registered as doing business in Australia.)

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