[DNS] Spring Clean (Reform) cont.

[DNS] Spring Clean (Reform) cont.

From: Matthew King <mking§cinfo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 20:22:45 +1000
Sorry to burden this list with my troubles but to keep you all posted my
requested edu.au  (acfe.edu.au) has "NOT been undertaken".

At least the discussion resolved the sweeping under the carpet issue as I
have  just recieved the message below.

OK THE BIG QUESTION: I do not think that this is a just or sensible policy.
It clearly  needs changing.  Who knows what is the process is to actually
do this? Could anyone interested in having this policy changed or has
information about how one could do this please drop me a line.

Out of curiosity what do the .auDA boad members think about such reforms (I
do hope they are on this list). I would also be interested the hear Geoff
Huston's comments.

By the way Geoff I don't take this personally it just seems that the
current rules are a little too strict. Could we also have the "official"
policy in writing please? And who is giving you informal advice?


Matthew King

Your request for registration of the domain  has NOT been undertaken.

This is because the domain administrator has indicated that the domain
name request has not been accepted. If you wish to include further
information in relation to this request you may choose to do so by
resubmitting the original domain name request with the additional
information included as comment in the request form.

The domain administrator, gih&#167;telstra.net, provided the following comments:

I have taken some time to gather some informal advice from others, and my
conclusion is that this application does not fit within the current edu.au
in that it is an activity undertaken within the educational sector, as distinct
from an existence as an educational institution in its own right.

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