Re: [DNS] Spring Clean (Reform) cont.

Re: [DNS] Spring Clean (Reform) cont.

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 00:55:54 +1000 (EST)
] > Out of curiosity what do the .auDA boad members think about
] > such reforms (I do hope they are on this list).
] Hey, I'm a member of the auDA interim board - I'll bite :)

I'm not.
] But I'm happy to express my individual opinion.  My own belief is that
] should be reserved for entities that are accredited by
] Australian Federal, State or Territory governments as either:
] * Primary Schools
] * Secondary Schools
] * Tertiary educational institutions (Universities, TAFEs, etc)
] Yes, I reckon the criteria should be objective, and it should be based
] on existing criteria - governments already accredit these types of
] institutions for various purposes.

I think Mark is on the right track here.

There is actually a legislative definition in the Student Assistance
Act 1973 :-

This is referenced in the 1999 GST legislation (although the SAA seems
to omit primary schools?!).

There is also a list of Higher Education Institutions in the
Higher Education Funding Act 1988 :-

One would hope that the federal govt accredits Universities and that
state/territory govts accredit TAFEs (that's what I'd expect anyway).
This would make it very easy to have consistency/continuity with the
current policy.

I'm not sure where it would leave the "national space school programme".
Perhaps someone there should talk to the Commonwealth Education Minister
if it hasn't already been accredited...
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