[DNS] ISOC-AU Welcomes Transfer of com.au Delegation to auDA

[DNS] ISOC-AU Welcomes Transfer of com.au Delegation to auDA

From: Kate Lance <clance§connect.com.au>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 23:07:39 +1100
Media Release
18 November 1999

The Internet is for Everyone


The Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU) today welcomed
reports that authority over the com.au Internet name space
would pass to the au Domain Administration (auDA).

auDA was established in April 1999 with the goal of
becoming the self-regulatory body responsible for
administering the .au Internet name space.

Tony Hill, Executive Director of ISOC-AU commented,
'Following, the election of a new board at auDA's first
annual general meeting, the prospect of an auDA with real
authority over com.au is a significant milestone in the
evolution of self-regulation of the Internet in Australia.
ISOC-AU welcomes the continuing progress of self-regulation
in this key area of Internet infrastructure."

Mr Robert Elz has had personal responsibility for administration
of .au since the Domain Name system came to Australia.
In 1996, Melbourne-IT was authorised to operate in com.au on
a non-exclusive basis.

'The AuDA interim board have worked hard to ensure a new
structure that includes all stakeholders and that will lead
to long-term stability and the introduction of competition
to better satisfy the needs of users.

'The transfer of .au and its subdomains to auDA will allow
for a review of existing policies to take into account a
wide range of community views.'

Mr Hill paid tribute to the contribution made by Mr Elz
to the development of the Internet in Australia.  "He has
contributed many years of selfless service and has been
substantially responsible for introducing and maintaining
the Domain Name System in Australia."

Mr Tony Hill, 0412 128 755, ed&#167;isoc-au.org.au
Mr Leni Mayo, 0418 377 937, media&#167;isoc-au.org.au
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