Re: [Oz-ISP] COMAU Policy - INA's new procedure!!!

Re: [Oz-ISP] COMAU Policy - INA's new procedure!!!

From: Craig Clark <craig§>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 07:38:37 +1100 (EST)
On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Leigh Hart wrote:


> > If that's a case of cyber squatting, I want them to fill in my lotto
> > tickets for the next 5 years too!! :)
> So do we ignore this bit at the top of that search?
> 02/12/1999  205A Notification of Resolution Changing Company Name
> Looks like cyber squatting to me :)  I'm sure if someone wanted to
> spend $15 at D&B they'd find it wasn't owned by anyone associated
> with Virgin Airlines either.

Fair enough, I didn't notice that one.  Still, $15 or time will tell. If
it is a case of squatting I will gladly eat humble pie because I am sure
the possible battle for the domain will an interesting one.

> > There is a great deal of information thrown around which is quick
> > to sling mud in whatever direction.  A little research often shows
> > a completely different story.
> Uh-huh - and a little bit more can avoid further embarrasment.

I hear you, but my embarrasment from this is small and personal.  The
orginal post seemed very anit-Net Registry.  Maybe the poster had good
reasons.  But it appeared unfair to me.  Squatting or not, until someone
else can point out a link I'm not aware of, Net Registry appear to be
servicing a client, nothing more.


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