[DNS] proposed Advisory Panels Procedure open for public comment

[DNS] proposed Advisory Panels Procedure open for public comment

From: David Keegel <djk§cyber.com.au>
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1999 15:17:54 +1100 (EST)
Statement from the Secretary of auDA

   Thursday 23nd December, 1999

   On behalf of the Board of auDA, I am pleased to release auDA's proposed
   policy paper, Advisory Panel Procedures, for a second and final round
   of public comment and consultation.

   The purpose of this paper is to establish the processes and procedures
   which will ensure that the auDA policy development and recommendations
   process is open, transparent and responsive to community needs.  This
   new draft (v2.1) reflects comments made in the previous round of public

   The timeframe for comment is 15 days from the date of this message,
   so comments should be submitted by Friday 7th January, 2000.  Comments
   should be addressed to comments&#167;auda.org.au where they will be
   collated for consideration by a sub-committee of the Board of auDA.

   In the interests of ensuring that auDA processes are open and
   transparent, comments received will generally be published on the
   auDA website.

   Given the impending holiday season, Y2k, etc, any people and
   organisations wishing to comment but not having sufficient time to do
   so may submit a request for more time, indicating when you will be
   ready to submit their full comments.  You are encouraged to also
   submit any initial thoughts, first impressions or partial comments
   within the official comment period.

   You can find the proposed Advisory Panel Procedures at

   I encourage and welcome your comment.

 David Keegel   Secretary, auDA.   E-mail: <secretary&#167;auda.org.au>
auDA: .au Domain Administration.  Web site: http://www.auda.org.au/
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