Re: [LINK] Re: local language character-set domain naming

Re: [LINK] Re: local language character-set domain naming

From: Craig Clark <craig§>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 22:49:36 +1100 (EST)
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On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Adam Todd wrote:


> >In relation to this discussion, this marketing push into an area that's
> >new to the end user (at least, and many a sys admin), will create some
> >kind of havoc (confusion on a grand scale).
> No, it's not NEW.  It's a push of the same old same old with a new twist to
> sell more of something by somoene who wishes to make a lot of money selling
> something that everyone wants to sell.
> It's misleading to say that it's new.  It's misleading to say that it's
> revolutionary.

Maybe so, maybe not.  What's not new to you doesn't apply to everyone.
This "defining new" could go on and on so let's agree to disagree on this
point, please..  I don't believe I stated "revolutionary".  I did post a
message of an "interesting" nature for those not already aware of this DNS
activity.  If you'd like to debate the definition of interesting then I'll
forward you some postive responses as examples, off list. :)


> Most Australian people think Internet started in 1996!  Some thin it
> started in 1995, few think it started in 1994.  The piddly remainder, many
> who are on Link (and tha'ts not many out of 8+ million adults) know and
> started using it before then.

You're correct there.  My years spent working at Trumpet Software were
very educational when it came to what had happened in the industry prior
to 1995 (my first IT industry job).

> >Until corporate Australia take a different approach to their
> >IT requirement's it will remain that way.
> Corporate Australia can't change it's ways.  Selling NU domain names
> claiming to be fancy and newly developed is a waste of time.  It's praying
> on peoples naivety and morally wrong.
> It's as wrong as the Government saying the Internet is now Porn Free(er)
> because of the BSA.
> That is parying in the communities naivety and also very morally wrong.
> Sadly most of the community has a short memory.

I'll assune you're NOT implying that I am selling NU domains. While I own
one for personal use, I cringe when I see Australian business using them.
This thread started when I posted an e-mail of "interesting spam!"  While
most people confirmed they found it interesting, this thread has been just
as interesting for me also. :)

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