RE: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting

RE: [DNS] ABC: Australia supports global cyber-squatting

From: John R N Mackerras <john§>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 19:11:26 +1100
For the record, I also looked at the and was also turned off by the 
choice of Australiana for third LDs. I do understand why they did it but 
john&#167; has much more impact than 
john&#167; And it's too long, if you put a fourth level in their 
then most people aren't going to remember it.

You could use states. Maybe the late Victor Chang (to chose a name) could 
have a laugh with the address me&#167;

Can I use then navigational co-ordinates of my house? I just want to see how
many people are going to remember john&#167;


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