[DNS] Additional point - [DNS] Generic Domain Names

[DNS] Additional point - [DNS] Generic Domain Names

From: Matthew King <mking§cinfo.com.au>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 14:00:51 +1000
The point made by Doug about Melbourne IT being a commercial animal 
is very interesting. I would suggest the time frame for opening 
generic names be based on the following:

1/ The new panels are formed:
* Domain Name panel - reviewing the policies for domain names in 2lds
* Competition Model panel - reviewing the options for competition

I feel that the panels will recommend at least the following:
* That a more realistic commercial attitude is taken to domain names 
without the face of trade mark/red tape issues. (If there is an issue 
re. trade marks let the courts or parliament decide. Which is how a 
Westminster system should work)
* That the RA monopoly is opened up like that of ICANN 

I would love to see one recommendation in particular. That the RA 
(and aunic) is opened up to other players before generic names are 
released. Perhaps a special body designed to sell off the generic 
names be established under auDA authority. Thus this non profit group 
will oversee it and get some finance to boot....

Matthew King

>4/ For fairness I believe that the large generic list  should be 
>opened by having an application period and then a random selection 
>process for each of the domains. If only one person applies for a 
>domain then they get it. (at the normal price). If there are a 
>hundred then IT MUST BE random.
>5/ I believe that the foolishness about cyber piracy should be seen 
>as the smoke screen it is.  It seems to me that only Melbourne IT 
>gains from wrapping us in red tape. I'd rather McDonalds  the 
>Butcher get McDonalds.com.au if they are faster off the draw.
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