[DNS] .au domain issues

[DNS] .au domain issues

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§quad.net.au>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:36:42 +1000
Thanks John

My thought was to share a bit of news about the introduction of expiry dates
in the US.  I guess everybody felt sorry for a poor chump (me) paying higher
rates.  Thanks to y'all for the info, that's appreciated.  Wish I knew
earlier !

But I think we all feel the AU system's not working.  The new auDA will be
setting up a review as soon as they've got the resources.  At present it's
only the Acting CEO who can be contacted as follows:

Mark Hughes
acting CEO
.au Domain Administration
ceo&#167;auda.org.au +61 4 1374 3959  www.auda.org.au
domain name FAQ at: www.auda.org.au/faq.html

Sometimes it needs a bit of work and I'm checking out the AU system by
testing what I think are generic words through INWW's Domain Name
Availability Check whick I'm sure you all know is at

Results so far, for several hundred name checks, are quite remarkable.  For
example the following names are all registered despite having failed the
generic word test.

angel    answer    archive    beach    bishop    bridge    buy    cheeky
christmas    crack    dot    fastfood    forward    free    fun    gay
god    high    house    rsl    test    yes

As shown by INWW's own generic test, they are all generic words.  I'm sure
that most are in the Macquarie Dictionary.  I have still to check their date
of registration.

I'm a bit disturbed about this "more than one word is allowed" distinction.
Are words like "fastfood" and "winebar" one word or two?  Again Melbourne IT
as a linguist !

Patrick Corliss
QUAD Quality Addressing Pty Ltd

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>All of which relates to .au domain issues, how?
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