[DNS] Twomey Resigns From NOIE, Stays On At GAC

[DNS] Twomey Resigns From NOIE, Stays On At GAC

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:05:13 +1000
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Alston thanks NOIE CEO for important contribution

The Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts,
Senator Richard Alston, today announced the resignation of Dr Paul Twomey as
CEO of the National Office for the Information Economy.

Established by the Prime Minister in 1997, NOIE is the lead Commonwealth
agency for information economy issues, including internet and e-commerce
policy. Dr Twomey is the founding Chief Executive.

'It is with some sadness that I announce Dr Twomey's resignation. He has
done a splendid job in developing policies to further Australia's progress
into the information age," said Senator Alston.

'Dr Twomey has been a tireless advocate of the benefits of the internet and
e-commerce for Australian business and communities. He has played an
important role in the international negotiations and conferences developing
the global rules and policies for the internet. His personal diplomacy has
helped give Australia a leading voice in these fora.

Some of the Government's achievements during Dr Twomey's term at NOIE have

o    Establishing a National Strategic Framework for the Information Economy
o    Recognising electronic commerce in law through company law reform, the
Electronic Transactions Act and the Digital Copyright Act
o    Establishing a new capital gains tax regime for venture capital and
start-up innovation companies
o    Promoting personal data protection through the Privacy (Private Sector)
Regulations of online content through the Broadcasting Services Amendment
o    Persuading APEC to adopt principles for the fair negotiation of
international internet connections
o    Leading a coalition of governments and international organisations to
crack down on cybersquatting and establish low-cost online dispute
resolution processes
o    Running a nation-wide public awareness program, including the
E-Commerce Summit at Parliament House in 1998, Online Australia Year, and 17
summits across regional Australia.

Dr Twomey has also resigned from his positions as Special Adviser for
Information Economy and Technology and the Government's IT Investment

Dr Twomey has been a leading figure in the foundation of the international
organisation responsible for the technical administration of the internet -
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

He has informed the Government that he wishes to leave his full-time
positions to return to the private sector.

In recognition of his key role at ICANN, Senator Alston also announced that
the government is appointing Dr Twomey to the part-time role as Australia's
Special Representative for ICANN and the Domain Names System. He will
continue to serve as the Chair of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee.

Dr Twomey's resignation will be effective from 24 July 2000.

Media Contact:
Sasha Grebe
Website: www.richardalston.dcita.gov.au

10 July 2000
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