[DNS] Controversy rises over neo-Nazi domain names

[DNS] Controversy rises over neo-Nazi domain names

From: <David.Goldstein§sbg.nic.at>
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 12:35:46 +0200
Hi all

A couple of stories regarding the registration, and subsequent deletion by
Denic, of the domain heil-hitler.de. There are a number of other stories,
but nearly all in German, on the nic.at news section of our web site. See


Nazi Web address sparks furor (MSNBC) 8Aug
Germans move to ban Nazi slogans as Web addresses 
Germany moved Tuesday to block Nazi slogans as German Web addresses after
discovering someone had registered www.heil-hitler.de. But officials worried
about rising neo-Nazi violence concede there's little they can do about
sites based elsewhere in cyberspace - especially the United States.

Controversy rises over neo-Nazi domain names (IDG) 8Aug
In the midst of a renewed debate over right-wing extremism, Germany's
central Internet registry is facing scrutiny over neo-Nazi domain names.
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