Re: [DNS] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited Renewals

Re: [DNS] MelbourneIT - Unsolicited Renewals

From: Don Cameron <dcameron§>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:22:46 +1000
Dear list members,

My earlier posting could be construed that I was inferring that INA and
Click'nGo participate in the practice of unsolicited invoicing.

To clarify this - Our company is a customer of both INA and Click'nGo, hence
we rightly expect to receive renewal notices on existing Domains that we
purchased through these companies. This was the point I hoped to make in my
earlier posting.

What we do not expect to receive, is invoices for renewals form a third
party who we do not have a business relationship with. This adds unwarranted
overheads to our business and obviously has the potential to impact on your

Clearly this is a contentious issue which affects on many of the businesses
represented on this list. Our perspective is that of a customer (we are not
a Domain registrar) who relies on your respective companies to protect your
customers and your products, as is the case in any normal business

My apologies if my earlier posting was misconstrued, however perhaps this
highlights the reason why this matter should be dealt with as a priority.

Don Cameron
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