Re: [DNS] Update re Domain Name Authority of Australia

Re: [DNS] Update re Domain Name Authority of Australia

From: anthony white <anthonywhiteartwork§>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 17:21:03 EST
Hi Matt & Every One,

I must agree with all of Matt's comments.

However unlike Matt I own shares in MelbourneIT so if someone starts a 
petition I think this would be a dandy idea.


>From: Matthew King <mking&#167;>
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>Subject: Re: [DNS] Update re Domain Name Authority of Australia
>Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 18:04:26 +1100
>>I know that it's actually the Minister who sets what names are
>>"undesirable" (s.9)  - in this case, Marsha Thompson MLC.
>>Any lobbyists amongst us? A petition to the Minister???
>1/ I for one am an avid free market supporter and would have to say
>good on them for being creative. (see point 3)
>2/ When the market is opened up expect a huge wave of such
>promotions. Crass commercialism perhaps but this country (read IT
>industry) needs it. With the likes of Telstra and INA what else would
>you expect. The sector seems moribund and needs all the shake up it
>can get.
>3/ While INA has a monopoly it is just a case of minows preying upon
>each other.  A petition to the Minister? Are you kidding? Why not use
>the energy that would entail to go get some new customers or look
>after your current ones better.....
>Matt King
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