RE: [DNS] What's in a name? Too little, says panel

RE: [DNS] What's in a name? Too little, says panel

From: Rothnie, Warwick <Warwick.Rothnie§>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 13:01:37 +1100
Mallesons Stephen Jaques
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Patrick Corliss said:

>My point was that it is not the role of the "administrators" to market the
>Australian domain space.  This is a matter for the companies who have the
>delegated registration rights.  They are commercially-oriented.

>But I agree that they could promote .au more effectively.  And perhaps the
>"adminstrators" can give the "registrars" a little push in that direction.
>course, the best push is for increased competition which is one of the main
>issues under review.

One question is why would people register in if they could register
in .com or .biz or .whatever (leaving aside the defensive registrations to
restrict the blackmailer's options? may be largely invisible to the
99%+ planetary occupants who have a .com mentality.  Have you ever tried to
find quickly an organisation which has registered its domain name in  Maybe, as Patrick suggests, increasing competition (which would
hopefully lower prices) would allow a more realistic test of the oft-touted
notion that people will buy domain names in because it is a "value"
domain, but most of my clients seem to want .com names because that is where
people look first.

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