Re: [DNS] geographic names

Re: [DNS] geographic names

From: Ron Ipsen <ron§>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 21:39:10 +1100
At 07:03 PM 23/11/00 +1100, Vic Cinc former AUda director wrote:

>Ron Ipsen [ron&#167;] wrote:
> > To issue or not to issue the majority of the remaining geographic 
> names, To
> > whom should we allocate this "unfair advantage" and under what
> > circumstances is still the question that must be answered.
>nobody has offered any proof whatsoever that these name constitute
>an "unfair advantage"

Oh I think that the market itself has done that already, how much was paid 

>or why anyone should be charged with making
>sure that these domains remain unused or that nobody be given these
>"unfair domains".

Um , generally a civilised culture will to try and look after the weak in 
their community. Social responsibility as I recall.

>  these are commercial domains, there is nothing fair
>about business. quite simply get out of the way.

No this is the whole au namespace, not just the corner of it that the 
Servants of Mammon would possess and squabble over.

> > In the case we are discussing "names with fences" the obverse is true.
> >
> >   "What belongs to nobody - belongs to everybody"
>excelent so nobody can use them. beautifull. lets tidy up the
>rest of domain names spaces to make sure nobody pollutes them by
>actually making any use of them. lets just go back to ip addressses so the
>sanctity and purity of the name space is preserved for the national good
>and remains untainted for future generations to admire.

Mind if I put in a quote here?

 >see what I mean, incoherent response. they start babling like madmen 
when >cornered :)
 >keep these guys away from the dns debate, they are as if posessed by demons.

Would you like me to get you a soapbox? :)

> > Its not up to me to decide to licence something that belongs to everybody
> > to just one individual or entity.
>there is your first mistake. the .au name space do not belong to the 
>public, the name space belongs to an overseas body which seems to for the
>time being to have benevolently allowed us to use them.
> >   I am just one of many who are trying to find a workable solution to
> > equity in this issue.
>you have absolutely no right whatsoever to adjudicate equity in the value of
>a domain name. this "problem" is an artifact of well meaning people imposing
>personal views in the name of the greater good. I think thats pretty
>much the kind of human tragedy that has led us to world wars.

No I believe Nationalism tends to lead to wars, wether that nation be a 
geographic or a cultural one.

Hasty lazy thinking and believing in an absolute rightness of an action 
without contemplating the full consequences is another major factor.

>your problem is nonexistant. release the names. let the market work it out 
>for itself
>if there is any value in them.

if there wasn't would you be arguing so hard for their release?

Like I said, its not up to me.
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