Re: [DNS] geographic names

Re: [DNS] geographic names

From: Ron Ipsen <ron§>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 23:12:04 +1100
At 10:41 PM 23/11/00 +1100,
  Vic Cinc former AUda director wrote:

>domains? what in gods name have generic and geographical domain names
>have to do with social responsibility??

If you really dont understand the issues please refrain from using the 
bandwidth and try lurking for a while.

  You may just learn something.

perhaps lowering the cafiene intake may assist also.

>  AUda should reverse
>the mistakes of the unelected dns tzars of the past and return
>choice back to the public. :)

well Vic Cinc former AUda director, I think therein lies the purpose of 
this public forum.


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