Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: Kerry Henry <KHenry§>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 06:28:55 +1100
Patrick & other auDA members,

The following is an extract from an email I understand is circulating
amongst a few that I feel all should see.

I am not a legal eagle and haven't read the auDA charter, but I sure would
love to know the answers.

I am aware of a number of major corporates who have indicated in the past
that they would seek redress if prior rejection for preferred domain name
registration were subsequently reversed and issued to another.

If potential legal battles are looming, then auDa, the Panel and Members
need to have a clear 'handle' on the outcomes.

Kerry Henry

>>It is all very well to be exploring the pros and cons of various ways in
which changes to the existing system >>would may or may not work, however, I
haven't seen where a number of basic issues have been clarified.
> >
> >1)  There will be backlash and no doubt litigation based on any changes
made as there will  be both >>advantaged and disadvantaged parties.  Is auDA
exposed?  What systems are in place to protect auDA
>> from the backlash of those who don't agree or like any changes made?
> >2)  Is the auDA Panel exposed?   As an entity sub to the organisation, is
the Panel open to litigation or >>financially exposed in any way?
> >3)  Could individual Panel members be in personally financial jeopardy or
be compromised by decisions >>made or implemented by auDA or other Panel
members?  Where is the protection?
> >4)  Is it possible that the Members of the auDA could themselves be
called upon to financially support any >>financial exposures created by
> >instigated  by the Association and its Panel Members ?
> >
> >5)  Are auDA members in a position where they could be held accountable
with or without the provisions of >>the auDA constitution?
> >
> >The entire review process may well amount to nothing if the above issues
are a potential exposure for >>auDA, the Panel and the Members.
> >
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