Re: [DNS] geographic names

Re: [DNS] geographic names

From: Don Cameron <dcameron§>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 21:52:22 +1100
Dear list members,

Yes, I am starting to get a feel for the regulatory processes a few people
are attempting (or have) implemented on the .au namespace.

The two responses (albeit once again sent with the best of intentions, and
please accept my thanks for the eye-openers)... to what a company views as a
very genuine and legitimate concern over their right to register an .au
domain, were met firstly with Bush-Lawyer logic that obviously contravenes
our legal advice (or we would have registed the second business name), and
secondly, in essence, that one person is too busy to do anything other than
reject applications outside of a predetermined framework, so why bother
because we could just as easily register a .org...

I think I must be the one living on a different planet, because I thought
Australian organisations had a right to market within the legal framework.
Nobody has advised me that we were or are contravening any State or Federal
laws, and even if I was so advised, obviously I would need to verify your
credentials to make such a claim. Further that under Australian law the
claim would still be subject to contest - unless anyone here is a sitting
magistrate addressing this issue.

Over my short period as a member of this list it has become blatantly
obvious that the whole methodology behind the "rules" governing .au
registration is based in inuendo, dubious interpretations of legal statutes,
mostly in accord with what a few within the IT industry view as being "in
the best interests" of all Australians and Australian businesses, and
perhaps most significantly, subject to nothing more than an interpretation
that a "few" have a right to dictate to the masses even though there is no
legislative basis for doing this.

It's a mighty tall pedestal, I just hope it doesn't fall over... though the
cracks are fairly obvious.

Cheers, Don
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