Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

Re: [DNS] .au space proposal

From: anthony white <anthonywhiteartwork§>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 15:46:41 +1000
This panel is just made up of a bunch of web bots.

Bill Gates made us, he determins our make up.

We represent mico world.


Anthony Bot

>From: George Michaelson <ggm&#167;>
>Reply-To: dns&#167;
>To: dns&#167;
>Subject: Re: [DNS] .au space proposal
>Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 15:23:05 +1000
>   member of the panel (and congratulations by the way), however may I 
>   who determines the makeup of this panel?... do you have a solicitor on 
>   panel?... who represents all the other industries in Australia (apart 
>   IT)?... who is the marketing consultant promoting the .au namespace?... 
>   you have a business plan identifying the mechanisms for community 
>   and businesses to contest decisions, without necessitating solicitors 
>and a
>   court appearance? The later is a normal mechanism in a NFP organisation 
>   usually considered essential if for no other reason than to protect the
>   members). Perhaps if these could be outlined, much of the need for this
>   "debate" would be negated, because people (including dummies like me) 
>   know where to turn when we view a decision as either inappropriate or
>   unjust.

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