Re: [DNS] Business Names (was .au space proposal)

Re: [DNS] Business Names (was .au space proposal)

From: Don Cameron <dcameron§>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 11:12:38 +1100
Thank you David and all,

This has proven to be an enlightening discussion which I will end (on my
part) with this posting -  and thank you for the diverse array of opinions
on business structures and statutory requirements, and for an equally
diverse array of suggestions on appropriate business names et-all.

However (and thank you Patrick) I feel that very few respondents have
actually attempted to address the issue as highlighted by David's posting,
and I quote: "On the other hand, if you are not carrying on business under
the name "Coolah Telecentre", then it is not clear what is your basis for
thinking you are entitled to register "".

May I turn this around, what is your basis for my not being able to register
this domain? - Current policies aside, and if I may move to the heart of the
matter... is there another business trading under this name?... is it
geographically-specific to the extent that the "community" (who ever these
may be determined to be), have a more legitimate claim to the name?... Would
I be infringing on any company or individuals right to trade?... In short,
is there one good reason (and I would accept just one), why we should not be
allocated this domain? - Why we should be branded as potential "Domain
Squaters" without even a right of appeal?... Because there IS a very good
reason why it should be allocated... for the simple reason that I am willing
to pay for it. Free trade and the right to free trade.

The argument that a business should have nothing unless it can demonstrate
an "entitlement" is absurd... this country does not work that way... anyone
is entitled to purchase anything just so long as in so doing they do not
break the law - It is the job of the law-makers to set the framework (that's
what we pay them for) to ensure that our laws provide equity and justice and
to further ensure provisions for appeal.

So to close, what law would we be breaking in using this name (any more than
in using a .com or a, and where is the court of appeal? - The
obvious failing of the current system is that it places itself above the
judiciary. We are accused even as evidenced by postings to this list! - Some
of you have asked me to justify our business structure... sorry, but how
dare you suggest that we are acting innapropriately. Even a simple traffic
fine contains an appeal clause written on the back (yes, I have had a few)
and I imagine more than a few people here would be "miffed" if you went to
Woolworth's, and they refused to sell you half-a-dozen rolls of fax paper,
because this is obviously a business purchase and you have not supplied
business credentials. It's exactly the same.

In my view this policy violates far too many of the basic rights we enjoy in
this country.

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