[DNS] a few stories...

[DNS] a few stories...

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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 17:20:27 +0100
Hi all

A few stories I came across today.



The battle over the Nissan.com domain, which is mired in the discovery phase
of court action, is profiled in this story from Wired.

Domains Don't Net as Many Buyers 

 E-commerce: It took P&G six months to sell its www.flu.com moniker
as firms find brand, not generic, names more valuable. 

By ALEX PHAM, Times Staff Writer

    How much is a name worth? 
    On the Internet, at least, the answer is: A lot less than it used
to be. 
    Witness Procter & Gamble Co., which last week announced it sold
the Internet domain www.flu.com for an undisclosed sum. The sale made
headlines, but lesser known is the fact that the domain, along with
99 other names the Cincinnati-based consumer products giant put up
for sale, has been on the market since June--with no takers until
last week. 
    The "dot-bomb" phenomenon is rippling through the once white-hot
market for domains. 


Domain names to replace phosphate 
By Katrina Nicholas 

Christmas Island, the tiny Australian external territory best-known
for its seasonal migration of 120 million bright red crabs, has
opened its own domain name registry, Dot CX, and set up CITC, its
first registrar.

It is hoped revenue from the registration of the .cx domain name -
which was recently acquired from UK outfit Planet3 - will supplant
dwindling revenue from the island's phosphate mine.


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