Re: [DNS] Policy Breakers -

Re: [DNS] Policy Breakers -

From: <peter§>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 17:36:32 +1100

We own an appropriate business name and I find nothing unethical in that.

Since auda, MelbourneIT,, and the ACCC all agree we are both
ethical and legal - don't you think it just might be true?

So far only our competitors are doubtfull - if you aren't a competitor try
to think rationally - if you are ... do what the others do and take ideas
from our site.

You must be relatively new to the commercial world. Macdonalds have many
trading names Coca Cola have thousands. On the internet even the Reserve
Bank have half a dozen registered domains ... (we registered them!) does
that make the Reserve Bank unethical?

I think I've answered all relevant questions - unless something really new
comes in I will not be replying further. For those with serious points
please contact me directly first ... if you have a valid point I will
answer it and give you full permission to publish the private reply.

Best regards

Peter Dean
Director - The Instra Group

At 02:16 PM 2/20/01 +0800, you wrote:
>Quoting peter&#167; on Tuesday February 20, 2001:
>| I can assure you that the activities of Instra in providing the Business
>| Pack are both legally and ethically correct and - if you ever need one - we
>| would be more than happy to arrange it for you.
>How ethically correct is it to use the domain for a company
>trading as Instra?
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