[DNS] Phone Addresses

[DNS] Phone Addresses

From: stephen loosley <stephen§melbpc.org.au>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 01:07:56 +1100
Hi Don and all ..

Sounds a fair and reasonable research proposal to me. However, as one aside,
perhaps for wireless networks at least, domain names may become superfluous.

> the bottom line is that Domain Names are a saleable commodity, the value of
> which is ruled by market influences.  It doesn't matter what rules we place on
> these names, because the market will decide .. value for money.

By which I mean, Alan Farrelly reported the following today, and it works fine:

> Verisign, the Web's biggest domain name registrar, today opened a beta
> version of its WebNum service so you can use your telephone number as
> your Web address. See   http://www.webnum.com/index1.html

When registering one's telephone number as a web address, & for free, one reads ..


The WebNum Beta Test is a testbed intended to demonstrate the operational viability of the
infrastructure supporting the WebNum Service ("Service"). Beta Test participants may register a
WebNum Shortcut through our Web site. We will map the participant's registered WebNum Shortcut to
the Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") of a Web site designated by the participant or of a simple
mobile Web site hosted by VeriSign or its designated supplier (the "WebNum BizCard").

We will distribute this mapping information through the Internet's Domain Name System. This mapping
information provides a unified means by which third parties may discover the participant's
designated Web address through the use of a single WebNum Shortcut. Participant agrees and
understands that registration for and use of the Service is currently free of charge.

For a more detailed description of the Beta Test and its purposes, please refer to our FAQ, our
press release announcing the Beta Test launch, and the documents entitled "About WebNum," and
"WebNum White Paper," all of which are posted on the WebNum web site located at

WebNum can be used on any cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) that has Internet access.
Before using WebNum for the first time, create a bookmark on your wireless device for the WebNum
resolution site, www.webnum.net. The exact method for entering bookmarks may vary by wireless
carrier. Consult your provider's Web site or documentation for instructions. In the future, you'll
be able to skip this first step, but during the beta test period bookmaking WebNum will provide the
most convenient access.

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
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