Re: [DNS] DNS and "end user" requirements

Re: [DNS] DNS and "end user" requirements

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian§>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 18:22:50 +0800
On Fri, Feb 23, 2001, Jim Birch wrote:
> Thanks Mark.
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> * This may not be able to be implemented until later this year when
> competition between Registrars starts.  Having Registrar competition is the
> simplest way to ensure any reduction in Regulatory Authority fees is passed
> to the end users.  Its do-able before then of course, but a bit more complex.
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We all thought this was good when ICANN did it. Then it failed miserably.
The minute you have a bunch of registrars competing for domain name
registration they'll make it difficult to change, they'll start flooding
you with spam email covering "new offers!" and "limited specials!"
because the DNS name is becoming so cheap in order to make any cash
they start to utilise their domain subscriber base as a target for
value added services.

When the new TLDs come into proper effect, all you're going to see is
each company which owns a .com (and has been hammered by at least
NSI's registrarion pages to say "the .net and .org are free,
you'll want these too, really") is going to go out and protect
their "brand" by registering in each of the other TLDs. Regardless
of whether they're a shop, firm, web, biz, etc. I've seen some company
domain registration requests which reflect this, and they just keep
asking "well, when can I get in first to protect my interests?"

Breaking out the registrars isn't the answer. Its an easy answer.
Again, why not rally towards getting the _existing_ problems fixed,
and then spend some more time researching where some of that money
_could_ go?

I think I've ranted enough on this subject. :)


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