[DNS] Multilingual Internet Names Consortium Workshop, 14 March 2001

[DNS] Multilingual Internet Names Consortium Workshop, 14 March 2001

From: Peter Batchelor <peterbat§vic.bigpond.net.au>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 08:32:22 +1100
This workshop may be of interest to many members of the DNS mailing 
list.  For further information about MINC, please visit their website - 
http://www.minc.org/ or email me...

Regards, Peter

The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium is planning another workshop to 
raise awareness amongst Internet users of its activities.

This will be an opportunity for people who want to use multilingual 
Internet names with trust and those who want to provide multilingual 
Internet name services to meet and discuss the issues and the solutions 
that are currently being proposed.

For those who have been planning to attend the ICANN Melbourne meeting, 
this will be a good chance to be exposed to the Internet's new exploration 
of the multilingual community.

We all look forward to seeing you in Melbourne!

Melbourne MINC Workshop
14th March 2001 09:00 - 17:30
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre

Master of Ceremonies: Tan Tin Wee (Acting CEO)

Internationalisation of the DNS: Future and Significance (Coordinated by 

Introduction to MINC and its Mission (YJ Park, Deputy CEO)

Membership Outreach (Douglas Hawkins, Membership Chair)

Internationalisation of ccTLDs (Coordinated by ccTLDs)

Internationalisation of gTLDs (Tom Newell/Chuck Gomes Verisign)


Interoperability Testing and Backward compatibility (David Lawrence, Nominum)

Who's running my Language TLDs?
MINC and its Deployment Coordination(Shigeki Goto)
The Tamil Language Perspective (coordinated by INFITT executive)
The Arabic Language Perspective (coordinated by AINC)
The Han character Perspective (coordinated by JET)
The Chinese Language (coordinated by CDNC)
The Korea Language (coordinated by KRNIC)
THe Japanese Language (coordinated by JPNIC)
Other languages (if they apply)

Tea break

Registration of Multilingual Domain names: Panel Discussion. 10 minutes per 
panel speaker
The gTLD perspective (Verisign or i-DNS.net)
The ccTLD perspective (Peter Dengate Thrush, To be confirmed)
The registrars perspective (TBD)
Deployment issues (TBD)
Intellectual Property Rights issues (TBD)

End of MINC Conference
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