RE: [DNS] .biz status?

RE: [DNS] .biz status?

From: Wilkins, David <wilkind§>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 09:38:34 +1000

I attended the presentation to the IP constituency at the recent ICANN
meetings by the .BIZ (neulevel) folks..

It is a scary approach.. What they will do is accept claims from Trademark
holders &#167; $90USD per claim for mark holders to register their marks with

Then they open it up for the land grab 30 days prior to release, at this
point all applications get accepted and the applicant is charged a $2USD fee
for making the application..  neulevel also matches the requested name
against the trademark claims previously submitted (note: neulevel is NOT
checking the validity of the mark claims!) and asks the applicant if they
still want to proceed.

In the 3 days before the go live, they will randomize! all the applications
(yes folks this means first in doesn't count!) and then process them.

As a representative for a major corporate this is madness, we are finishing
off discussions about how we will attack this randomization, it actually
encourages people to register as if it was a lottery!.

All those applications that have hits against the Trademark list are put on
hold while the .biz tld is bought online.. this 30 day hold is to allow the
two parties to "work the issue out" after this point the UDRP comes into
effect and the Trademark holder has to run the usual maze.

Of all the ways to bring a tld online, I cant think of a worse way... IMHO
auDA lets NOT do this for new .au 2ld's

Best Regards

David L. Wilkins
eCommerce Center
ANZ Banking Group Limited

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Subject: [DNS] .biz status?

We have a client asking about registering a .biz domain name.  They
know that they have a competitor that will try to beat them to this
name, so they have asked about the 'pre-registration' process.

What is the current status of the .biz domains, and should they use
one of the pre-registration services being offered, and if so, which
one(s) are considered as above-board?

Are there any good web sites that one can go to in order to become
better informed on this topic?

All information/pointers/recommendations would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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