[DNS] Free Seminars on the Internet Content Regulatory Scheme

[DNS] Free Seminars on the Internet Content Regulatory Scheme

From: David Goldstein <DGoldstein§comslaw.org.au>
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 10:37:59 +1000
Hi all

Please find below information on a free series of seminars conducted by
the Communications Law Centre and funded by NetAlert aimed at ISPs and
web hosts to explain the content regulation scheme in Australia. There
will also be presentations from the Office of the Federal Privacy
Commissioner at selected seminars to explain the new privacy
legislation. These are listed towards the end of this email in the list
of locations.

It should be noted that these seminars are designed to inform ISPs and
web hosts of their obligations under the content regulation scheme.

For those interested in attending, please email me the following
ISP or web host or nominate another category:

Please see below for further information, and please forward this email
on to other parties you think may be interested in these seminars.

David Goldstein

Internet Industry Liaison Project

Free Seminars on the Internet Content Regulatory Scheme

Presented by lawyers from the Communications Law Centre

Free Seminars on the Internet Content Regulatory Scheme

NetAlert Limited is funding a series of seminars around Australia for
Internet Service Providers and Web Hosts. The seminars will explain the
obligations for ISPs and Web Hosts under the content regulation scheme. 

The seminars will focus on:
	how the scheme works
	your legal obligations under the scheme
	procedures to be followed relating to prohibited Australian-hosted and
overseas-hosted content
	child protection online
	how to protect your business under the scheme.

The seminars will be two-hours long and presented by lawyers from the
Communications Law. Seminars will be held around Australia in over 20
locations between April and July 2001.

All attendees will receive an information package prepared by lawyers
from the Communications Law Centre and information on the new privacy
laws (see below).

There will be a total of 27 seminars around Australia in all states and
territories. For a complete list of seminars, see the bottom of this

For further information or to register, contact David Goldstein at the
CLC by:
	email - seminar&#167;comlsaw.org.au;
	phone - 03 9248 1255; or
	fax - 03 9248 1277.

Seminar Presenters
	John Corker is Manager of Oz NetLaw and Principal Solicitor for the
CLC. Formerly General Counsel for the Australian Broadcasting Authority,
he has significant experience in media, broadcasting and on-line legal
issues. John is now a senior associate with Clayton Utz seconded to the
	Gary Hughes is a solicitor from Gilbert & Tobin seconded to the CLC.
He has extensive experience in info technology transactions,
telecommunications transactions involving network development and
hosting, website development and e-commerce.
	Vic Marles co-ordinates the Melbourne Office, is a Legal Member of the
Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and a member of the
Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Council.
	Lillian Kline is a lawyer in the Melbourne office. Lillian joined the
CLC from private practice where she worked as an information technology
and intellectual property lawyer. She has a wide range of experience in
technology and Internet related law including defamation, privacy, and
online copyright issues.

New Privacy Laws

>From 21 December 2001, private sector organisations will be covered by
the Privacy Act 1988. 

At selected seminars, the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
will provide a brief overview of:
	who the new laws cover
	what the requirements are on organisations that are covered
	where to find out more about privacy and your privacy

Presenters will be senior advisers from the Office of the Federal
Privacy Commissioner. This additional presentation will take about 30

Complete list of NetAlert Seminars

Mildura		23 April
Bendigo		24 April
Melbourne	26 April*
Sydney		1 May
Sale		2 May
Coffs Harbour	7 May
Newcastle	8 May
Bathurst		9 May
Geelong	8 May
Canberra	9 May
Darwin		21 May
Wollongong	23 May
Fremantle	28 May
Perth		29 May*
Bunbury	30 May
Sydney		6 June*
Brisbane	5 June
Gold Coast	6 June*
Toowoomba	7 June*
Adelaide	12 June
Brisbane	18 June*
Townsville	19 June*
Cairns		20 June*
Hobart		2 July
Launceston	3 July
Sydney		4 July*
Melbourne	5 July

* The Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner will give a
presentation at these seminars.

The Communications Law Centre and NetAlert would like to thank;
Australian Interactive Multimedia Association (AIMIA), Northern
Territory Information Industry Association (NTIIA), Service Providers
Industry Association (SPAN), South Australian Internet Association
(SAIA), Tasmanian Information Technology & Telecommunication Industry
Development Association (TasIt), and West Australian Internet
Association (WAIA).

This work has been supported by funding from the Commonwealth Government
through the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the
Arts (DCITA).

Privacy Policy:
The information collected through the registration process for the
NetAlert seminars will only be used by NetAlert to contact ISPs and ICHs
and other seminar attendees to advise of updates to information
presented in the NetAlert manual or to advise of related events.

The information collected will not be passed on to any other parties.

David Goldstein
Project Manager, Internet Industry Liaison Project
Communications Law Centre

PO Box 14428 MCMC, Melbourne Vic 8001
tel: 03 9248 1255
fax: 03 9248 1277
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