RE: [DNS] re-delegation of .au

RE: [DNS] re-delegation of .au

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 01:25:48 +1000

I do not think your comments are in any way a personal attack. I welcome
robust debate on all issues and that is, at least in part, what this list is


Chris Disspain
CEO - auDA

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... last comments then I will end my rabble rousing.

>The Board of auDA was and is fully informed. At a board meeting earlier
>year or late last year a plan of action in respect to the re-delegation was
>agreed by the board.

Question one... are their any minutes of this board meeting ? I find none,
but then none have been posted since the AGM, since ASIC requires these
it's safe to say they exist - probably in word format. I think you will
find a command "save as html" handy for posting. (its hidden just below the
rarely used "file save")

>It was not a resolution of the board as such is not

Question two... what is the auDA procedure for determining if the Board has
agreed to a course of action without polling Board members.

As a member of auDA I would urge the chair to poll the Board's views on
major initiates and policy decisions. I know its a new millennium and all
but it seems a pity to dispense with old  fashioned corporate stuff like
proposing and seconding motions, polling of Board members, keeping
minutes... that sort of thing.

>It is however quite correct to say that the Board agreed to the
>plan and therefore supports it.

... ok I get it, a plan of action was developed and discussed at a board
meeting for which their appears to be no records and the board was deemed
to have agreed unanimously, without actually voting. Seems a shame go
through all the trouble of developing a nice constitution, electing members
from the representative classes
and then not actually voting on important stuff.

>If you are suggesting that this matter has
>been undertaken by the executive without the approval of the board then you
>are wrong. If you are suggesting something else then I am missing your

I am sure its just me but I am troubled that you are missing the point...
accountability and credibility is everything for this Board, you have now
said to the world that "we are ready"  seems to me you are letting down
your guard a bit pretty early in the piece.  Getting people like me to shut
up is actually pretty easy if you just act in good faith and then document
it, gives us little to complain about.

Cate Coorey

ps I actually think staff and Board are doing a decent job, its a weird
evolving industry (or whatever it is) love all the cloak and dagger
stuff.  good luck, bye for now gone to get a life (that Chris Belcher guy
will be pleased I'm sure.) apologies if my comments were taken as personal

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