[DNS] New dns§auda topic: A brief history of AUstralian namespaces...

[DNS] New dns§auda topic: A brief history of AUstralian namespaces...

From: Len Lindon <info§humanrights.com.au>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 21:58:53 +1000
1. Originally, at least 600 different languages-- with
most people proficient in many dialects and languages.

2. Imperial Invasion by British Crown introduces
additional "new" language, English, as official language.

3. Beneficiaries of British invasion introduce most
languages and peoples of the world-- and half-heartedly
attempt to stem the death of the original 600 languages.

4. Global Invasion by the USA (the ICANN/USG/.mil/
"internet") offers a new opportunity for the ancient
rights of languages indigenous to "Australia"-- which
rights are also, tragically in this case, the rights
of Future Users (of the internet, including "addresses").

5. Australia appoints a Future Users Group to monitor,
research and defend the rights of future users of the
internet-- including and especially the original languages.

6. auDA organises a conference (with live webcast, chat,
public comments, etc just like an ICANN meeting set-up)
about the future of the .au for Future Users-- is it
to continue merely as part of the ICANN/USG/.mil/CIA*
string or will it be inclusive and offer mutual technical
co-operation in addressing (i.e. will .au "subroot" of
ICANN/IANA carry also non-ICANN tlds/slds in the same
way all non-ICANN/IANA roots-- and often tlds-- carry
ICANN/IANA addresses like .com, .net, .org... and .au)?
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