[DNS] uaDA Pty Ltd is not an org.au

[DNS] uaDA Pty Ltd is not an org.au

From: Len Lindon <info§humanrights.com.au>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 23:54:21 +1000
1. How is it that a Proprietary Limited company
under the Corporations Act and other
corporate/business/government legislation
can be a .org.au?

2. Is there a procedure for challenging
this address when it should CLEARLY be
.com.au or maybe charitably .asn.au?

3. Just as the UDRP gives TM-holders
certain mediation rights (subject to
review by local court), does not
the .au delegation require certain
obligations of org.au addresses?

4. I fail to see how Tony Staley,
unelected by the supposed auDA
constituents, has any legitimacy
as the chair of auda.org.au

5. Assuming .org.au criteria apply.
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