[DNS] auDA Board Decision: "an administrative change" or "a policy change"

[DNS] auDA Board Decision: "an administrative change" or "a policy change"

From: Ian Johnston <ian.johnston§infobrokers.com.au>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:01:22 +0800
I'm puzzled by some references in the auDA Board minutes of May 2001 and
what the implications of these references might be.

>From the auDA Board minutes of May 2001 at

"8. That the Board accepts Recommendation 3.3 e, that the domain name
licence applicant must agree to be bound by any Dispute Resolution Procedure
specified by auDA.

Board comment: The introduction of a Dispute Resolution Procedure is an
administrative change, not a policy change.  Therefore, the ‘grandfathering’
provision in Recommendation 3.8 does not apply to this recommendation."

Could I have a response from auDA to the following questions please:

- What are the definitions of "an administrative change" and "a policy

- What are the implications (or intended implications) of the abovementioned
Board decision?

- Does the decision mean that the new / proposed "Dispute Resolution
Procedure" will apply to all existing domain name licence holders?

I can see that the _Introduction_ of a Dispute Resolution Procedure might be
a administrative change, but if there's any suggestion that the new /
proposed Dispute Resolution Procedure itself is not a policy change, that I
would question.

SETEL is a member of auDA and I was a member of the Competition and Name


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