Re: [DNS] ING charging $250 non-refundable for .BIZ and .INFO

Re: [DNS] ING charging $250 non-refundable for .BIZ and .INFO

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 11:49:28 +0800
Quoting Don Cameron on Friday August 17, 2001:
| Suggesting that the only means of recourse is a big-stick approach after the
| event (ACCC intervention), not only acknowledges the current management
| failings within the industry, but also actively encourages industry
| participants to "push the boundaries". Far better if companies are
| accredited (or not) based on their acceptance of a common code of conduct
| prior to acceptance as an industry participant.

Not suggesting this at all. There should be policies for the operation of
the various elements within the domain infrastructure. However resellers
are at the farthest end of the tree with regards to .au, and potentially
out of reach.

As an individual or business with no relationship with a registrar, I
can right now solicit business and be deceptive going about it. Whether
there is a code of conduct or not, how can it be binding? I have no
relationship with anyone apart from the customer when they buy my

At times like this, the common protections against unfair business
practices are there and should be used.

It is regrettable we have rogue elements conducting this kind of business,
and once auDA can obtain its authority to implement the competition
policy, as per section 2.5 of the competition panel report it will
introduce as much protection as possible. But there will always be
an opportunity for one to act outside those constraints as an unofficial

(not speaking for auDA)
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