RE: [DNS] Media Release

RE: [DNS] Media Release

From: Jo Lim <jo.lim§>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 17:16:52 +1000
As required by auDA's Constitution, the policy changes announced in today's
media release are the result of extensive public consultation undertaken by
an Advisory Panel comprising 30 people representing a wide cross-section of
the Australian Internet and non-Internet community. The Name Policy Advisory
Panel was established in June 2000 after an open call for nominations to
which over 60 people responded. Over the course of 12 months the Panel
released 3 reports for public consultation (in Nov 2000, Feb and May 2001).
All working papers and minutes of meetings were posted on the auDA website.
See for more information.

It is true that Robert Elz has expressed his views, at the Panel's
invitation. Many other people have done the same, as you can see from the
list at In addition to
formal submissions received by the Panel, there was some lively discussion
on the DNS and other mailing lists when the reports were released. Panel
members took all views into account, including those of their respective
constituents, when developing their final recommendations.

While auDA and the Panel are highly appreciative of the foresight
demonstrated by Robert Elz in putting into place the current policies aimed
at preserving the .au domain for future users, surely there comes a point
when we must acknowledge that the future is here. auDA's clear
responsibility is to respond to public comments and submissions that
overwhelmingly favour change over maintaining the status quo.


Jo Lim
Chief Policy Officer
.au Domain Administration
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Given the content of this media release, I would hardly be surprised if
Robert Elz has expressed concern over the hand-over of .AU to auDA.

The statements in the media release indicate that auDA has given no
consideration at all to the views Robert has previously published
regarding his approach to .AU management, that is to preserve the .AU
name space for future generations of Australian netizens.

AuDA's expressed policy of selling generic domain names, opening up to individual registrants and creating new 2LDs all flies in the
face of Robert's existing policy.

I would fully support Robert Elz should he attempt to maintain the
status quo while his concerns were addressed.


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