Re: [DNS] .asn Domains

Re: [DNS] .asn Domains

From: Jeremy Malcolm <Jeremy§>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 22:20:37 +0800
Andrew Hennell wrote:
> So where to?  I like the idea of a govt. subsidy/rebate for domain fees, but
> this (imho) should be means tested, rather than across the board.  This
> would allow the smaller, less financial community NFP's to continue without
> a cost burden, whilst the larger 'commercial' NFP's who can afford it would
> pay.

I disagree.  Imagine the additional layer of complexity that such a
regime would create.  The simpler the rule, the cheaper to administer
and the lower the costs for everyone.  Other forms of identification or
addressing are not means tested (eg. TFNs and street addresses which
come free, PO Boxes and phone numbers which are paid for).  There will
always be exceptional cases which a general rule will not be able to
cover to everyone's satisfaction.  But in general, a rule whereby and domains are paid for, and
domains are not - in other words, exactly the situation we have at
present - is in my view a better general rule to apply than to require
payment across the board, and certainly a simpler one than

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