[DNS] Opportunity knocks

[DNS] Opportunity knocks

From: Chris Berkeley - Netmastery <chris§netmastery.com.au>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 08:28:33 +1100
On 7 Nov 2001, at 3:07, Ian Johnston wrote:

> From my experience in these issues, the Libs have absolutely no
> credibility and in particular Hockey and Alston should be banished to
> oblivion forever. The protection of lawfully approved names is so
> fundamental to doing business and both Hockey and Alston have failed
> in this protection.  I think that this is such a single fundamental
> failure that, after 37 years voting Liberal, I cannot see how I can
> support the Liberal candidates.  It is the only thing I can do to show
> my anger at these two people.

Quite right too. And whilst we are at it Victorian readers should 
take the opportunity of voting below the line and numbering all 
squares just so that they can show how grateful the internet 
community is for all Dick Alston's efforts and put him last (ie. 50) 
on the Senate Ballot paper (that's the big one).

Vote early and often!

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