[DNS] Re: auDa won't get .org.au: Elz

[DNS] Re: auDa won't get .org.au: Elz

From: John Simmons <jss§adam.genesis.net.au>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 15:01:31 +1100 (EST)
> Good on you Robert. Stick with it mate.
> ...also what delays ??
> --Mike Parnell.
> (An ISP that uses your services)


Agreed 100%.  If Robert doesn't want to hand these over then I am sure
there is good reason for his actions (or non-action, as the case may be).
Personally I trust his judgement and beleive that the ISP community should
back his position.  He has shown wise and fair management skills as he
oversaw critical aspects of the birth and growth of the Internet within
Australia.  He has then continued to provide his valuable services in a 
sacrificial, and mostly thankless, way for years.  When it comes down to
credibility, he has the runs on the board and deserves our support.

I mean no disrespect to the AuDA members, as I am sure tha most, if not
all of them are 'putting in the hard yards' and trying to achieve
something they percieve as worthwhile.  But perhaps you are pushing a
bit too hard, and too quick.  Clearly you are making Robert unneasy with
your actions, and I suspect I am not the only other person that sees it
this way.  Maybe you should just get on with managing the .com.au area
first, until we can all see what a great job you can make of this, and
you have gained some credibility by your actions.  In the meantime it
would be much better to offer Robert some support, in a way that suits
him, to help speed up the response times, rather than using his massive
personal work load as a excuse to depose him.

The current rush for control by AuDA, especially when it has been forced
through against Robert's wishes, can be seen (hopefully completely wrongly)
as symptomatic, and typical, of those with money grabbing, power hungry
driving motives.  Basically we need to see some good stable results in
one area that you have control over before we can be comfortable with
giving you control across the board.

Prove yourselves worthy and the whole Internet community (including, I
would expect, Robert) will fall in behind you and give you their full
support.  Prove yourselves less than worthy and you will find the going
very tough, and your wins shortlived.


All the best to Robert, and all the AuDA members too!

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