Re: [DNS] Records Management

Re: [DNS] Records Management

From: Don Cameron <donc§>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 10:41:00 +1100
Thank you Kim, David and all,

This is good news (that the Registry RFT includes a record-keeping
requirement) - however considering the proposed transition dates for
successful tenderer/s, might it be prudent to amend the RFT and other
references to ensure compliance with the proposed replacement for AS4390
(due to be made redundant in a few weeks time)?

Quoting Standards Australia: "In accordance with Standards Australia
practice, it is proposed that ISO 15489 Parts 1 and 2 become the new
Australian standards for records management, replacing AS 4390. Subject to
public comment, it is expected that these documents will become Australian
records management standards by December 2001".

Copies of ISO 15489 (AB) can be purchased from:

PS - David I'm not quite sure if Kim was suggesting that we should ignore
any requirements on the AUNIC to comply with Govt record-keeping
legislation, whether close to the end of it's life or not (irrelevant to the
matter of compliance) - however compliance should not be a major issue
providing a few basic processes are incorporated into management
procedures - It's not a big deal, however obviously it is important to
ensure data integrity and that recovery mechanisms are in place, and
compliance with the ISO is one way of ensuring this in a suitable and
verifiable manner.

Thank you David G for keeping us informed on these international matters -
obviously they are highly relevant to local strategies - aptly demonstrated
by the replacement of the AS with an ISO next month. We do operate in a
global environment.

Rgds, Don

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