Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

Re: [DNS] Code of conduct

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> Bruce
> If have a sales office that is not performing I close it.
> If I have a vehicle that is constantly causing trouble I get rid of
> it.
> If this industry has a constant problem with re-sellers then get rid
> of them.
> The cost of registering a domain name is minimal however the time and
> effort it takes to sort out what unwanted solicitation is from who and
> why they are sending it, then finding out that I myself have been
> mislead and paid monies to a third party supplier that charged me 62%
> more for the service, takes up more time and adds an extra burden to
> the operation of any business. This time, effort and the unwanted
> additional administrative task has cost me more than I can calculate.
> I would willingly pay more if it meant that his bi-annual event is
> administered correctly  by only one authorised body and that the task
> of renewal is as simple as paying for my car registration.
> As for a code of practice, well we would not need one and all of our
> time could be spent on making our own respective businesses operate
> better.
> Colin Read
Hear bloody hear.

The margins (currently around $25 - $30) we make on domain 
registrations/renewals is just not worth the effort but we do it as a 
service for our clients. 

Added to this are the constant calls from our clients asking what all 
these pieces of mail/faxes/phone solicitations mean - "Is my domain 
safe?", "Have you renewed it?", "Should I buy a .biz name?" which 
mean we have to spend time explaining what is happening. 

We have sent out circulars and newsletters on all this but our 
clients are so swamped with bit of paper that they end up in the too 
hard to try to comprehend basket along with all the superannuation 

The sad fact of the matter is that whole deregulation/competition 
thing will end up costing almost everybody money, only a few will 
make money, it will be a nightmare of confusion and at the consumers 
will end up getting the rough end of the pineapple - just like they 
have with privatised/corporatised power supply. A half decent blow in 
Sydney this week and 1000s are without electricity for the best part 
of a week. Why? Because with a competitive (hah!) industry the 
companies have laid off all their linesmen.

Personally I thought the tractor was chugging along very nicely and 
didn't need fixing.

Chris Berkeley

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