RE: [DNS] fresh bulk AUNIC data is out in the wild

RE: [DNS] fresh bulk AUNIC data is out in the wild

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 02:50:45 +1100
> This has been answered before:
> (user: dns, pass: dns)

Not to my satisfaction yet.  Melbourne IT put the registry key restrictions
on viewing expiry dates quite some time ago I thought (although I admit that
I'm working from memory here, and it doesn't work as well as it used to in
my younger days), and my impression from reading other postings to the list
was that some of the domain names for which people received dodgy renewal
letters were relatively recently created.

I'm sure someone from MelbourneIT could confirm when they introduced the
registry key requirement for checking expiry dates via the web page.

I'm only raising a possibility here - I admit I could be completely wrong
and off track.  A definitive answer from MelbourneIT to the questions in my
earlier email would help set my troubled mind at rest :)

> So the question still remains, how is the AUNIC data getting out?

And the question still remains to be confirmed, is the source definitely

Regards, Mark

Mark Hughes
Effective Business Applications Pty Ltd
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