RE: [DNS] Domain Name Management and renewal process

RE: [DNS] Domain Name Management and renewal process

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:39:44 +1100
Hello Mark,

> Do you think its necessary to ask for registry key as 
> authentication if its
> just a renewal with no change of reseller (change of 
> Registrar in the future
> competitive environment) or is that overkill?  I'm trying to find any
> advantage in doing so if there's no change of management 
> authority, and
> struggling to find a benefit - but its possible I haven't 
> thought thru the
> issues clearly enough.

In future a renewal will involve a fresh application for the domain name
which will be reviewed against the policy.  It is also an opportunity to
update the admin and tech contact details.  At present, while most domain
names get renewed, the data is often not updated since the initial
application.  The registry key would be required to update the details in
any case.   The mechanisms to retrieve the registry key are fairly simple
for the registrant, and if they are not (ie the email addresses are not
valid for admin and tech contacts), that implies that the contact details
are not up-to-date.  So on balance I think it is better to use the registry
key for all updates, including renewal.   Part of the reason for having a
licence period limited to 2 years, was to ensure that the data was updated
at least every 2 years.

Bruce Tonkin

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