Re: [DNS] Domain notices fuel legal row

Re: [DNS] Domain notices fuel legal row

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 03:50:35 +1100
Domain notices fuel legal row
Kate Mackenzie
NOVEMBER 27, 2001,7204,3326888%5E15318%5E%5Enbv%5E,00

> ING general manager Mark Spektor said the action was taken because
> Mr Rowe had campaigned against the company's practices for some time.

> "He's continuously taken an individual crusade against us," Mr Spektor said.

I don't think he's alone (see below).

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

Riddle of 10-year deals on .au names with a two-year life
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
Internet Name Group is offering long-term "registrations" of names on
its website for up to 10 years, despite an official registration limit of two

NZ suspends Melbourne Internet name vendor
Thursday 06 September, 2001 11:18 GMT+10:00
Melbourne-based Internet name vendor Internet Name Group has been suspended
from selling New Zealand domain names.

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