[DNS] Thank You

[DNS] Thank You

From: Peter <peter§instra.com.au>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 14:36:05 +1100
Hi Guys

At the auDA AGM I was elected as a "Supply" representative director.

My thanks to those who supported me. To them and any others who fall into 
the supply definition (whether auDA members or otherwise) I promised - an 
unusual election promise because I intend to keep it! - to represent your 

With this in mind my email is peter&#167;instra.com and my (BH) phone number is 
03 9783 1800, but because I travel extensively email is the best contact.

Please bear in mind that all of us have been deluged with ING/IRA 
complaints - so those are not needed, nor are multiple letters on the same 
subject. But if you wish to be either original &/or constructive please 
contact me.

As a matter of policy I do not intend to respond to comments or questions 
on the DNS list concerning any auDA matter - it is my view that board 
members should discuss these in confidence and that individual problems 
should remain private... but I will answer all email to my private address.

Best regards

Peter Dean
Chairman - The Instra Group - www.instra.com & others
Director - au Domain Administration Limited

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