Re: [DNS] Retention of domain name

Re: [DNS] Retention of domain name

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 02:24:43 +1100
On Friday, November 30, 2001 1:17 AM, Ron Stark wrote:

> My point is that there are circumstances in which current policy can
> severely penalise a party, inadvertently I'm sure.  I would expect that the
> new policy takes note of these, and provides for such anomalies where they
> exist.   I have no problem with a business closing forfeiting its domain
> name.

Hi Ron

The only example being quoted, it seems to me, is a business changing its
name.  My business is named "Quad Quality Addressing Pty Ltd" and I have two
domain names viz "" and "".  I usually use the latter.

Now if I change my corporate name to "Lakeside Quality Addressing Pty Ltd" it
is quite obvious that my former name "Quad Quality Addressing" will be
released by ASIC and thus made available for other corporate registrants.

I have clearly surrendered any entitlement to my original corporate name.

If I make that change immediately after renewing my domain, I will have two
years to establish my new corporate identity.  During that time, I can use the
QUAD domain name and divert traffic to my new domain.  In that sense it is
like getting a new telephone number.

It is my view that any other course of action would allow people to register a
multitude of domain names by changing the company's name before every
registration.  That is just a back door way to "open slather" contrary to the
Name Panel's recommended policy.

And if the domain name is that valuable, it really is easy enough to register
a genuine business name (after all the business seems to be trading under that
name).  In fact, it is a requirement under the NSW Business Names Act to
register a business name if one is being used.

Of course, the expected introduction of domain name registrations for a period
of up to 10 years could make the whole problem a marginal one at best.

Patrick Corliss

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