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international domain news

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 04:37:50 +1100 (EST)
No Decisions Made On New Domains - ICANN
Officials at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) today said that they have made no decisions as to what sort
of Internet domains will be created the next time ICANN adds new
suffixes to the Internet's worldwide addressing system.

Domain Dispute Mechanism Works Well
The global mechanism for settling disputes over Internet addresses is
"functioning satisfactorily," despite lingering concerns about the
extent to which arbitrators are honoring free speech rights of
address holders, according to a study issued today.

.me registers in Britain 
The new domain opened for registrations Monday morning, after
a strong vote of approval by Nominet, the United Kingdom's national
registry of domain names.,,t269-s2102460,00.html

From BNA Internet Law News...
ICANN President M. Stuart Lynn has stated that he favors
creating new members-only suffixes, such as .edu and
.museum, over unrestricted domains like .com and .info.
Lynn's comments echo those made by ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf
at a meeting with reporters in December.

A group of Internet address retailers are criticizing a plan
aimed at redistributing some of the world's most attractive
Internet domain names as they expire.  The comments follow
VeriSign's recent proposal for the creation of an Internet
address "Wait List Service" (WLS) that electronic
speculators could use to reregister .com addresses that are
scheduled to lapse.  Verisign proposal at
Coverage at

Nebraska Neo-Nazi Irks German Pol 
German Interior Minister Otto Schily, an energetic campaigner against
U.S.-based neo-Nazi websites, has asked U.S. Attorney General John
Ashcroft for help in his fight. 
Specifically, Schily asked Ashcroft during one of their recent
face-to-face meetings to exert pressure on an American Internet
service provider to block a site with an official-sounding German
name that currently diverts traffic to a neo-Nazi site.,1283,49566,00.html

UN Adopts Resolution On World Summit On Information Society
The United Nations has taken a major step toward bridging the digital
divide with the adoption, by the General Assembly, of a resolution
which welcomes the organisation of the World Summit on the
Information Society.
The summit, which is expected to promote access by all countries to
information, knowledge and communications technologies for
development, is to be held in two phases, the first in Geneva in 2003
and the second in Tunisia in 2005, and is being convened under the
high patronage of the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan.

The Internet is for Everyone
Memo by Vint Cerf, 1 January, 2002
Abstract - The Internet really is for everyone. However, it will only
be such if we make it so.

CERT: Number of Viruses, Flaws Rocket Skyward 
The number of viruses and other types of attacks making rounds on the
Internet, and the number of security vulnerabilities discovered in
software, climbed dramatically in 2001, according to newly issued
statistics by the Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination
Center (CERT/CC).,,10_953241,00.html - My Yahoo!
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