Re: [DNS] thread.119

Re: [DNS] thread.119

From: Richard Keeves <richard§>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:08:01 +0800
> You people *just don't get it*; do you ?    People don't *randomly guess
at names*. That's akin to randomly stabbing in the last 4 digits of a phone
number, secure in the knowledge that your Aunty Beryl lives in town 'foo'
and you know the first four digits that  belong to 'foo'.

Firstly,  typing in a a generic name is NOT randomly guessing at it. Many
users think of a topic and type in the word (a generic word) to see what
they find.

> They use search engines.  Search engines do not rely on domain names for

Actually, many search engines do give extra rating to websites whose domain
also matches the word being searched for.   As such, generic domain names
can make up a valuable part of a marketing strategy.

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