RE: [DNS] thread.119

RE: [DNS] thread.119

From: Cooke, Tony <tony.cooke§>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:23:00 +1100

You chose to search  The metatags of that page have no reference
to books in their keywords. Perhaps the result of using the same page on
different URLs.

The generic domain name is not the only factor David, but it is a relevant
factor nevertheless.

Enjoy your game show.

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So you're saying gives a better ranking just
because they have a domain name which matches your search query.

Well, I went to and typed in "books".
I went through the top 100 results, and couldn't find
(or Barnes and Noble for that matter) anywhere.  I found
at number 95, which was about the only generic domain name.

I think its much more likely that gives better
rankings to people who advertise (ie: pay money).  The people who
have probably paid a lot of money for the domain, and
are probably happy to spend money advertising on search engines.

Thanks for playing, next contestant please.

Anybody else think they know a search engine where sites get a
better ranking purely because they have a domain name which
matches the search query (and not because they paid money)?
Bonus points if its a search engine people actually use.

Tony Cooke wrote:
] Try going to and typing in "cars" or "real
] and see what comes up as the first hit.
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] From: Saliya Wimalaratne [mailto:saliya&#167;]
] Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2002 9:33 AM
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] Subject: Re: [DNS] thread.119
] On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, Stephen Gethin wrote:
] > Generic names will also give you a better ranking on some search
] I keep hearing this statement, I keep asking for supporting evidence, and
] I keep getting silence as a response.
] You do the math...
] Saliya

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