RE: [DNS] thread.119

RE: [DNS] thread.119

From: Adrian Stephan <akstephan§>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 10:58:46 +1100
Addendum to earlier proposal

The submission of the points could use the process employed by AUSAID.  You
register on line, and on completion it then prints out the infomation in the
form a Statutory Declaration that must be signed and returned, I think
within 14 days, or the registation lapses.

The use of a Statutory Declaration will assure that each application is
correct, far more so than a warrant.  The Statutory Declaration attracts
prescribed penalties for wrongful presentation.  I am sure there are enough
lawyers (including the CEO) that could "whip this up" off their word
processor in about 5 mintues.

I also think that the use of a Statutory Declaration signals the intention
by auDA to establish integrity and credibility into the process that at the
present time lacks either of these basic but essential criteria.



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> What's being debated is whether granting a
> domain name to the most cashed-up player is a fairer system than
> granting it under some other criteria, such as:
>  - the one who has a "stronger" right to the name, or
>  - the one who asked for the name first, or
>  - the one who can make better use of the name.

If anyone can propose a workable system to determine between multiple

* which one has a "stronger" right to the name


* which one can make better use of the name

please provide the details of such a system to the list server.

If there isn't such a system then its kinda pointless suggesting them as

Regards, Mark

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