international domain news

international domain news

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:59:16 +1100 (EST)
Domain Name Growth Slows in 2001 (
Growth in Internet domain names slowed considerably last year as
speculators who once hoped to make a fortune off easy-to-remember
addresses dropped properties they couldn't unload. 
In addition, total registrations declined in the last half of 2001 as
new registrations of ``.com,'' ``.net'' and ``.org'' names failed to
keep pace with expirations, according to figures released Thursday.

Verisign tunes in to .tv (Australian IT)
THE .tv extension has changed hands again, with US domain name giant
VeriSign paying $US45 million ($86.8 million) to manage the domain
belonging to the tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu.,7204,3647556%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

.biz proves popular in Europe (
The new .biz domain is proving highly popular with European
companies, say initial reports from Neulevel, the registry operator
for the top level domain.

Canadian Authority Tries Again To Release Expired Domains (Newsbytes)
Canadian companies and individuals will be able to make a second
attempt Thursday to snap up likely looking Internet addresses from
among the first-ever batch of monikers to expire under the regime now
responsible for the country's ".ca" domains.

Addressing Authorities Will Tackle Internet Keywords (Newsbytes)
Internet "keywords" and other devices that simplify Web navigation
will come under the scrutiny of online naming authorities when the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) convenes
this March in Africa.

ICANN's Take On New TLDs (ISP Planet)
Developing new top-level domains holds the promise of alleviating
over crowded .com space on the Web. There are many theories regarding
possible solutions—here's another one.

‘Sucks’ sites to be doled out for free (MSNBC)
Cyber-gripers, take heart. You and your "" Web
site have a patron. Free speech lawyer Ed Harvilla is worried that
too many “sucks” domains have been taken away from owners and given
to their target companies. So he and some silent partners have
developed a system to dole out “sucks” Web sites — and he’s given
them away for free.

EFF Wants VeriSign Held Responsible In Case (Newsbytes)
A San Francisco-based civil liberties group on Wednesday urged a
federal appeals court to rule that Internet addressing giant VeriSign
Inc. can be held responsible for allowing a lucrative domain name to
be illegally transferred within its network.

VeriSign Revenue Nears $1 Bil, Loses $13.4 Bil (Newsbytes)
Verisign, the company behind domain-name services and e-commerce
authentication throughout a huge swath of the Internet, fell just
short of becoming a billion- dollar company in 2001, announcing
year-long revenue today of nearly $984 million. - My Yahoo!
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